Hello, my name is

Md Sadat Amin

Data Science Enthusiast

About me

Data Science enthusiast with a passion for extracting insights. Committed to fostering innovation through data-driven solutions

Transforming raw data into insightful innovation

In the complex realm of data, precision and expertise are vital. My grounding in statistical analysis and computing lets me weave insightful narratives from raw numbers. With a solid foundation in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, I ensure my models are adaptable and accurate. Handling expansive datasets is a strength of mine, and I aptly transform them into ready-to-analyze formats through skilled Data Wrangling.

Effective data presentation is equally crucial. My expertise in Data Visualization translates intricate patterns into clear visuals. Anchoring these skills is a strong mathematical foundation and proficiency in Python programming. With this suite of skills, I offer a comprehensive, efficient approach to data, ensuring clarity and actionable insights at every turn.


Programming Skills
Mathematics and Statistics
Data Management
Data Analysis and Visualization
Softwares & Platforms
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Big Data Technologies
Version Control


Web Designing
Django Web Development